Monday, October 8, 2007

Poll says OJ Simpson Loved by Blacks, Hated by Whites

A new poll released today shows that whites and blacks still have very different viewpoints about OJ Simpson.

73% of white people responded that they're still mad about the verdict in 1995 and they will be happy and relieved to see that killer serve some time in prison for whatever charges they can get to stick.

89% of black people interviewed in the poll said that if the sports items in that hotel room belonged to OJ, then he damn sure had a right to go in there with all types of guns and shit and take back what's his. Shoo. That same 89% added that if that was my shit in that hotel room, shit, I woulda been having my sports memorabilia back; that's my word yo.

94% of white people said that they can't understand what's wrong with black people. OJ did it. That's all there is to it, bud. The DNA evidence is irrefutable.

88% of black people said Yeah I know OJ did it, but I don't give a shit. Black people always be going to jail just because we black. Damn, I hate white people.

68% of white people responded that they are secretly afraid of all black people except Bryant Gumbel. And the 68% then noted that they sure wouldn't like to run into Lil Jon on a dark street at night. And 20% of those reponders added (facetiously) "O-Kayyyy."

90% of black women were happy that OJ only dates white women. They said that's one brother white bitches can have.

82% of white men wondered if it's true what they say about black men's dicks. While only 11% of white women still need to wonder about that question.


Beth said...

I guess as long as rock dumb women keep marrying abusive men, they will keep getting killed. At least black women have some brains.

Anonymous said...

you scare me

Anonymous said...

too funny - where was the poll that black and white folks took? I've never seen one.

As for the size of the penis - I think folks have never had a true lover. It's nothing to do with size - it's how a man makes a woman come alive and become satisfied and it's sure not length.

If it was only that - why would we have so many lesbians?

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stacey brewer said...

I think the OJ Simpson and the hatred of whites is justified. There are black people who do not like OJ as well so it is not only with the whites but blacks as well. If OJ Simpson did not kill Nicole Brown Simpson then he knows who really did kill her. While I am a black person, I think that if OJ was white and his wife was black there would have been a less hostile reaction of an all-white jury. Either way OJ always plays the race card in both trials and this time he won't get away with playing the race card. I think for the armed robbery attempt and other charges he will spend time in prison. He won't be acquitted this time. I used to admire OJ back in his early days but now my views have changed. I cannot understand why any black man would abuse his white wife or even abuse her as such. This seems to make the few positive interracial realtionships between black men and white women in a negative light because of the OJ stigma. In the end when OJ Simpson dies He has to face God who is the ultimate judge and God will judge OJ for his sins and crimes just like He will with me and everyone else. Whether is it good or bad, God has the final word in the end.

Cora said...

Good for people to know.

Anonymous said...

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